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Our company was born in 2000, making a big break in the Italian market, with a range of products soon effecting a revolution in Italian breakfast habits. From the beginning, we followed the principles of traditional baking and maintaining an uncompromising attitude towards quality. Our ingredients are selected carefully to create a gourmet product with the simplest raw materials, and to ensure an enjoyable treat which is easily digestible. We enforce to strict quality standards and take food security seriously. We make use of state-of-the-art food technology, abiding to the latest regulations on the matter of food processing, and to the latest standards of hygiene. In short, we believe in Quality, Authenticity and Passion, and are fully committing to making your breakfast a pleasure, rather than a habit.



Delizia zucca e arancia

Cooking time:

Delizia cioccolato nocciola

Cooking time:

Delizia crema e amarena

Cooking time:

Delizia crema pistacchio

Cooking time:

Delizia alla mandorla

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Il meglio delle materie prime

The best materials

Our raw matters are all first-quality... because our customers deserve the best.

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